Media Relations

I’ve spent most of my professional experience listening to business leaders provide me with arguments as to why they don’t need or want media training.

  1.  “I’m not the company spokesperson”
  2. “It isn’t my job to speak with the media”
  3. “I’m too busy”
  4. “We don’t have the resources for media training”

One excuse after another as to why you would never, ever need to be a spokesperson. Unfortunately, you never know when or what circumstance may thrust you into the spotlight. Just ask these business leaders, no one really needs to be prepared.

Executives should be ready to respond to media inquiries and feel comfortable sharing corporate messaging - even in crisis communications situations. Are you prepared?  

 Media interviews can often go sideways very quickly – and while most people think the media is out to get them, but in reality, interviews most often go wrong, because spokespeople go in unprepared.  

Executives often look to their communications team to be spokespeople, the truth is that it is far easier to train someone to speak to the media than to educate a PR team on your specific discipline and the sensitivities that go along with that. In particular, in the midst of a crisis. Get prepared, you never know when the media is going to be on your doorstep.

Join us in Vancouver, May 6-8 and we will help you advance your skills and help you prepare for dealing with the media.  Our program is designed to empower, educate and transform your performance with the media.  This is an exceptional opportunity to build your skills for public speaking, delivering presentations, or speaking to the media and investors. Unlike other training programs, we promise not to bore you with excessive jargon-ridden seminars.