Get American Investors’ Attention!

To expand to the United States, you need the right investors. To get investors’ attention you need to think and talk like them. In the US (and Canada), you get one chance to pitch investors, be it an incubator or accelerator.

Nate Habermeyer has worked with large and small technology companies helping them create a brand and media coverage to help them achieve their business objectives. Nate will present American-style brand strategies for Asian startups to get noticed by investors and reporters.

You will learn:

1.       Messaging for American and Canadian investors

2.       Branding your start-up for the US market

3.       Branding and marketing toolkit

4.       Alternative cities to Silicon Valley - Thriving regional American tech cities you don't know about


1.       Day one: one-hour presentation, 30 minutes for questions and answers

2.       Day two: One full day meeting with startups to provide one-on-one coaching 

About Nate Habermeyer, APR

Nate is co-founder and managing partner of HOWE&WYE. He is a trusted communications adviser to business leaders and thought leaders as well as a business enabler with deep expertise in brand strategy, communications, media relations, issues management, media training, and social media. For 15 years Nate has led transformative communications, media relations, and public advocacy campaigns for world-class brands in almost every industry. He's worked with clients from Australia, England, USA, Canada, South Korea, Chile, Mexico, and China to further their business in North America. nate (at) howeandwye (dot) com, +1 416 871 6283 (mobile)

Nate has used communications to deliver strong ROI through integrated marketing strategies for these brands and more: Google, LG Electronics, ecobee, Toyota  

About HOWE&WYE (

HOWE&WYE is an independent firm specializing in strategic planning, public affairs, communications and stakeholder engagement. The firm was founded to address an evolving financial and political landscape and help brands leverage strategic communications to fulfill their corporate objectives. We offer an optimized pricing structure creating competitive access to top-tier public relations, communications, strategic planning and public affairs services.