HOWE&WYE Supports MSTA Canada’s Brand Shift

HOWE&WYE President Steve Virtue has been supporting MSTA Canada’s Managing Director Ryan McEachern deliver on his commitment to his members to modernize the organization and improve service to members with an aggressive brand transformation.  

“We are changing more than just our name and logo. For more than 35 years, we have built a strong reputation of delivering quality service to our members,” said McEachern.  HOWE&WYE partnered with MSTA Canada to undertake extensive consultation with members, stakeholders and the broader mining industry.

“I want to thank the team at HOWE&WYE – who led our engagement and brand research and have provided me with strategic counsel and communications support throughout this process,” said McEachern. The result of nearly 18-months of work had HOWE&WYE leading stakeholder consultation and engagement, developing strategy and communications management as well as the development of the overall strategy and project management with the myriad vendors involved in the project who have provided an outstanding framework to grow and expand the service offerings of MSTA Canada.

Formerly known as the Canadian Association of Mining Equipment and Services for Export the organization has a proud legacy of more than 35 years, however as the needs of the sector and its members have evolved and the organization required some deep strategic thinking to move the organization forward. MSTA Canada has adjusted their approach to business to better reflect the needs of its members. “Our members told us we needed a more modern approach to ensure we consistently deliver value to them, and we’ve done that,” said McEachern.