HOWE&WYE Attend Round Table with Minister Dion

This summer HOWE&WYE's Cailey Murphy, Managing Director, Western Canada attended a roundtable in Vancouver with the Honourable Stephane Dion, Minister of Foreign Affairs who was on route to the annual meeting of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) taking place in Laos.  

At the meeting Minister Dion reiterated a number of his government’s foreign affairs priorities such as reinvesting in Canada’s global leadership role, welcoming Syrian refugees, helping developing nations and promoting peace and security.  

Dion emphasized an often quoted phrase of the Prime Minister, that “Canada has learned how to be strong not in spite of our differences, but because of them”, noting that this philosophy is something that Canada can offer the world.  Indeed the Prime Minister himself has touted this as a Canadian export, stating during a speech in London last November,

HOWE&WYE's Cailey Murphy, Managing Director, Western Canada and the Honourable Stephane Dion, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Minister Dion projected this sentiment as central to their foreign affairs approach and noted at the meeting that the message is being well received on the world stage, particularly during an era that has seen much division among and within many states abroad.




Our commitment to diversity and inclusion isn’t about Canadians being nice and polite… this commitment is a powerful and ambitious approach to making Canada, and the world, a better, and safer, place.
— Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

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