Media interviews are a negotiation. 

In the most cases, the journalist is doing their job, investigating the news and reporting. This is a noble trade. Journalists are NOT the enemy. The best way to engage and respond to a reporter is by being prepared, confident in your message and well trained to articulate your position.

HOWE&WYE is a specialized PR and Public Affairs firm specializing in training executives and leaders to articulate their message in a media interview with a sense of comfort and ease. Get comfortable in front of a camera so you can focus on the conversation, not the bright lights.

HOWE&WYE delivers advanced training that simulates live news broadcasts, an impromptu call from an investigative reporter and invasive questions. Not to avoid answering the question, but to answer it with clarity and a sense of purpose. We'll equip you with the tools, knowledge and awareness to get the most out of an interview.