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Share your deep expertise.

We help subject-matter experts grow their profile and businesses through speaking. 

CONVOSTARTER by HOWE&WYE leverages the power of technology to help you unlock speaking opportunities at events strategically important to your business. Speaking is a tried and true strategy growing your presence and generating new business opportunities. In addition to speaking, we support our clients with a suite of value-added services as needed to extend the ROI.

We Offer:

  • Strategic coaching on brand differentiation, presentation ideation & topics

  • Media kit development and creation of a visual pitch

  • Sample abstract, pitch and submissions

  • Access to our event database

  • Client event tracker dashboard

  • Weekly status emails on which events are pitched and secured, as well as feedback

  • 3+ speaking leads a month


Custom & White-Label Solutions

CONVOSTARTER by HOWE&WYE also offers custom "speaker bureau" solutions driven by AI for associations, university alumni networks, VC portfolio networks and incubators/accelerators.